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What is selenium webdriver? 4 Components of selenium

What is selenium webdriver

selenium webdriver
selenium webdriver


In this tutorial we see the information about selenium tool in automation testing selenium tool plays an important role so in in this tutorial we learn about the automation testing selenium webdriver tool.

Selenium is a popular and also open-source automation tool and mostly it is used to testing the web based applications. Selenium tool is help to execute the test cases and also controls the repetitive task.

Selenium is powerful and most versatile automation tool. In this tutorial we see what is selenium?, features, advantages & disadvantages of selenium

Before going to see what is selenium first we see what is automation testing and important automation testing tools  


Selenium was first developed by the Jason Huggins in 2004 at ThoughtWorks and the tool is open source in that year.

In 2007,Huggins joined the google and with the Jennifer Bevan developed and continued of selenium RC.

After the same time Simon Stewart at thoughtWorks(is publicly owned global technology company) developed automation tool that is called WebDriver.

In 2009,The meeting happen in between the developers at google test conference and after that decide to merge the two projects and arrives new project that name is called Selenium webdriver or selenium 2.0.

What is automation testing

Automation testing is basically executing test cases by developing test scripts with the help of automation tools.

Automation testing is saves the time and also decrease the repetitive work/task.It improve the efficiency and also testing coverage is good.

Automation testing tools used to automate the manual test cases without any human interface.

Why we need Automation

Now a days more industries doing a testing by automation because it's saves the time and also human efforts and it helps to do a repetitive work on time.

It provide the defect free application with less effort with on time.

Note:- 100% testing is not possible by automation required manual testing also.

Following are the different Automation testing tools

Automation testing means execute test cases by using test scripts with the help of automation tools.

So here we see different automation testing tools used in the markets/industries.







Following languages is supported by the selenium WebDriver







So let we see what is selenium Webdriver

Note:- Selenium is a previous version and selenium webdriver is a latest tool used in market.

What is selenium webdriver

Selenium webdriver tool is used automate the testing process to verify the it works as per expected or not

This is an open source tool and mostly used in industries for automation testing.

This selenium webdriver tool is used to test the web based application with the help of test scripts.

This scripts are written in the Java programming language.(any language)

Features of selenium webdriver

Selenium webdriver is a latest tool which is used in market.

1.By removing the previous version drawback of (selenium IDE) now latest tool in market is Selenium webdriver.

2.Selenium webdriver is supports only the web based applications means, those applications which is open by the browsers or URL.

3.It not supports the applications like MS word, calculator, notepad etc.

4.Selenium webdriver is supports the multiple languages ,different browsers.

5.Selenium webdriver supports also mobile applications like android, iphone etc.

6.Selenium webdriver open source tool.

Lets we see the selenium components

Four Components of Selenium 

Total four tools/components of selenium are as following

1.Selenium IDE

2.Selenium remote control

3.Selenium webdriver

4.Selenium Grid.

So, lets see one by one

1.Selenium IDE

1.IDE stands for integrated development environment.

2.Selenium IDE only supports firefox browser which gives graphical user interface.

3.It is simply easy to use design test cases.

2.Selenium remote control(RC)

1.Selenium Remote control is offers with new features by selenium.

2.With the use of programming language of java,C#,python,PHP etc.

3.Selenium Remote control is used to automated web applications with help of programming languages.

4.First it known as java script executor.

3.Selenium Webdriver

1.Selenium webdriver is interface and it is easy to integrate with testing framework like cucumber,testNG.

2.Selenium webdriver is an open source and supports multiple browser.

3.Selenium webdriver is supports to the multiple OS(Operating system).

4.Selenium webdriver there is no mediator.

4.Selenium Grid

1.Selenium Grid is use to execute the multiple selenium RC in parallel

2.Basically selenium grid is execute test scripts with the help of hub,webdriver,selenium RC.

3.Selenium Grid when we want to execute the test case at same time on multiple browsers.

4.Selenium Grid is supports to the multiple OS(Operating system)

5.Selenium Grid is supports to the multiple 


6.Selenium Grid is supports multiple browsers.


1.Selenium webdriver is to implement.

2.Selenium webdriver is an open sources and free of cost easily available on internet.

3.Selenium webdriver is supports multiple framework.

4.Selenium webdriver supports or works on multiple OS like Unix,Linux,mac.


1.Selenium need experts to handle.

2.Selenium webdriver is only supports web based application.

3.Selenium webdriver is complicated to handle.

4.Selenium webdriver is not supports desktop application for automations testing.

Before going to automation testing you must know the manual testing basic so this our manual testing tutorials


This  software testing tutorial is specially  for beginners and professionals and students and who want to learn testing from basic.

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