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What is BRS and SRS documents in detail

What is BRS and SRS documents

In Software development life cycle information gathering phase is the first phase where software development start.

In this phase BA(business analyst) is going to collect all requirements what actually client want BA Collects this all requirement.

"BA is mediator between client and company/organization"

After collecting this requirements BA is prepare two document



So lets see first document which is prepared by BA (Business analyst) 


Business requirement specification /business requirement document.

This document is prepared by BA and this document describe customer requirement to be develop by following this document get idea of what client requirement is.

This document is bridge between technical people and client.BRS Consist of high level business language  its consist of all business requirement.

BRS/BRD Document consist of following terms:-


In requirement consist of the functional requirements which define the all functionalities of application,Features of the application which is going to be developed.

2.Introduction about project

In Introduction section consist of the overview of project means in detail introduction of the project like scope of the project,purpose of project,Functionalities of project etc.


Design section consist of the prototype model of application which is going to be developed.Here present of user interface design which consist of the layout of application and the elements.

4 .Objective 

In this section consist of business objectives which consist of goals of the project,aims to achieve by the team and deadline of the project and also mention the targets of the project.

5.Non functional requirements

Non functional requirements covers the project meets the quality,constraints,and all non functional requirements.


Architecture section consist of the system design which contains the High level design of the project also the network of hardware,software.


Risk consist of the riak and major impact on the project and also the how risk manage.

8.Scenarios and use cases

All the test case,use cases,scenarios is describe in this section on which project is developed in which contains step wise description


It consist of sign-off document which approved by team lead/project manager and also mention client review there 


1.BRS document provide the base of project

2.It also provide the basic requirements of project

3.In BRS document gives the design of project

4.In BRS mentions the need of business

5.BRS consist of flow of project

Below is the second document prepared by BA(Business analyst)


Software requirement specification.

functional requirement document.

functional requirement specification.

After  collecting the all requirements from client BA prepare this two documents where BA is review his own document again and again to verify what exactly client wants it take in the document or not.

During this stage issue /query in requirement will be solved and then BA pass the SRS Document to technical team.

This document is prepared by BA it consist of it consist of functional requirement to be developed and system requirement to be used.in which every document is detaily explained.

SRS consist 

1.Functional requirement

Function requirement consist of the all requirements of client about project in detail every requirement is detaily explained what actually the requirement and team should focus on which points

2.Functional flow diagram

Functional flow diagram consist of the flow of project how the project work step by step so it help to understand by the functional flow diagram.every steps is introduce with the detail information 


Snapshot section consist of the snapshots of the project it gives the idea how the project looks like.

4.System requirement.

In the system requirement consist of the system requirement of project what the application we want to developed.


Software requirement specification but its explain in detail so it  helps to better understand of project flow.

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