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What is service based company and product based company

What is service based company & product based company

 Service based company and product based company

1.Service Based Companies 

service based company
service based company 


"Service based company provide services to the companies or client and develop software for the companies or client".

service based companies after client approaches them with specific needs or requirement then they start development the application that's called service based companies.

service based companies provide software or services as per requirement to the client company as per client acceptation they provide defect free and user-friendly product to client.

service based companies are providing services to his customers or clients as per client requirement this companies provide on time product or developed software to client companies if any changes client company  wants they change the software functions as per requirement.


2. Product Based Companies

product base company
Fig.Product base company

"Product based companies in advance develop a application even before client or customer approaches them and it is open in market."

Product based companies developed software product by considering market need and sell it to other companies which may need that software or directly open in market to use end users or  customers.


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