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Different types of Application software?

 Application Software

Application software
Application software tutorial


Application software is most common type of software which is mostly used.application software is a computer software package that perform a specific function for a user or in some case for another application.

Application  software a program or group of programs designed for end user.Allows end users to accomplish one or more specific (non-computer related) tasks.
The application software can either be designed for a general-purpose or specially coded as per the requirements of business cooperation.

1.Computer Application Software  

1. Word processor


3. Presentation Software

4. Database Management System 

5. Graphic Edit or image editing software

6. Web Browser

1.Word Processor.

 Word processor is a software program capable of creating, storing, and printing documents. there are different .

Features  like  Insert text ,Delete text , Cut and paste , Copy , Page size and margins,
Search and replace , Print.


Spreadsheet is a data file made up of rows and columns that are used to sort data and allow a to user to manipulate and arrange data easily,most commonly numerical data there are different.

Features like Cells formatting  ,Cells merging,cut,copy,paste etc.

3.Presentation Software.

Presentation Software use presentation program is a software program that helps create a slideshow that addresses a topic. 
Presentation programs are often used in businesses and schools for discussing a topic or for teaching.

Features like Insert Slide ,Delete of Inserted slides ,Allows cut and paste slides in any order,Allows duplication content or slide , Allows animations,sounds manipulations on content in the slide etc.

4.Database Management System (DBMS) Software.

 A program that controls the organization, storage, management, and retrieval of data in a database. also accept changes as per inputs .by using this software users can create tables, write a queries, forms and reports.

Examples-SQL server,MYSQL,etc.


5.Graphics software or image editing software 

Is a program or it basically collection of programs that available to  a person to handle visual images on a computer.

 Example - Adobe photoshop,photo editor etc.

6. Web Browser

Web browser is an application software used for accessing websites.when we send any question query through by using the different web browsers output is on our desktop.

web browser is a application a software used for accessing the information on the world wide web.

Examples-Firefox,opera,google chrome,safari,internet explorer etc.

2.Mobile applications software

Mobile Application software
Mobile Application software

Mobile application is software is design for developed software is executed on our smartphones,tablets etc.

Mobile application software is basically bunch of certain features which is accessible to users.

On one platform it offers unique services like internet banking,order food,bookings etc.

These type of application provides/used for various functions like social media activities, bank related activities, shopping etc. Mobile application software provides various functionality and services.

Examples-Instagram,What's up,calculator,App store etc .

3.Desktop applications software

Desktop Application Software
Desktop Application Software

This is the another type of application software.Desktop application software is a software program that can be run on a standalone(by itself) computer to perform a specific task by end user.

This is most popular application software which mostly used by end users.

 example-Word editor,media player,microsoft word,WPS Office.

4.Programming software

Programming application software is used to write a code/logics. 

Examples- compilers, debuggers.

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