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What is Estimation and Who involved in Estimation

What is Estimation



When Testing is in our mind then first think we should have to know that is estimation  so,here we see this most important point is consider by organization will start to developed products.

"Estimation is the process where we know and get idea of how many requirement we need for specific release or sprint"

There are three factors by using this following three factors organization is going to decide how many requirement we need for specific release or sprint.

What is Estimation

1.Complexity of requirement 

When estimation process start then this first factor is consider. depending upon complexity of requirement organization decides how many requirement is taken for first sprint or release.


More complex requirement then less requirement is taken for specific release or sprint to release bug free application or functionality of application to the client.


This is the second factor is consider for estimation process where by considering the knowledge of previous domain or by researching domain decide how many requirement taken for first sprint or release.

Previous knowledge is important because on the bases on that knowledge its very easy to decide how many requirements is taken in past experience any issue is arrived then it not again continue in the next release.


This is the third factor is consider for estimation process basically it is calculating how many time is required for development and testing.

On the basis of the effort taken by team then calculating time decide how many requirements taken for first release.

Who is involved in estimation process?

There are three persons are involved in the estimation process


1.BA (business analyst )

Because he knows all the requirements received by client.

2.Development lead.

He gives idea to approximately how many time and days required for development .


3.Testing lead.

Testing lead gives idea to approximately how many time and days required for testing.

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