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White box testing

 White box testing  


The box testing consist of white box testing and black box testing without understanding of white box testing and black box testing we can't go for testing process.

So here we see this two types of box testing along with other two types gray box testing and red box testing

So here we first see white box testing white box testing which also known as glass box, clear box, structural box, transparent box testing. 

White box testing is check internal infrastructure which gives as expected results or not. basically it's working on inner infrastructure and inner process of application.

What is white box testing

White box Testing conducted on the source code by developers to check does the
source code is working as expected or not is called white box testing.

White box testing required skill programmers who having very good knowledge of programming also white box testing required programming skill to design test cases.

White box testing primary goal is to check flow of input and output throughout the project /software to strengthening the security of the software.

Skill developer's do white box testing.in this developer's doing a testing where he check every line of code of the program. 

In this testing developers check its all program again and again to  confirm fix all the errors or bug of programs and also developing a write program or not.

Developer's perform white box testing to find out defect in the presence of code this is developer's code level technique In this testing process developers only concentrate on positive scenario.

What is Need of White box testing.

1.As the source code is visible, finding and rectifying the problems is easy  for developers.

2.The defects that are identified in white box testing then its not continue further process.

3. To reduce the defect as early as possible white box testing is helpful.

4.To ensure 100% code coverage

5.To check the internal security of application.

Advantages of white box testing.

1.White box testing can be easily automated.

2.It helps in optimizing the code.

3.Helps to remove extra lines of code.

4.It can be started in SDLC Phase even without GUI.

5.White box testing rewrite code so hidden error can identified.

Disadvantages of white box testing.

1.White box testing is much expensive and complex.

2.White box testing needs skill and professional  programmers who having good and detail knowledge of programming knowledge and implementation.

3.It take too much time while checking large scale program.

White box testing Techniques

White box testing different testings available and this different techniques are used to code coverage analysis.

For that different automated tool available in market few of above are as follow

1.Path testing.

Path testing follows the flow graphs and this flow graph is used to test all different and independent path.Here flow graphs indicates the flow of overall program.

2.Statement coverage testing.

In this testing technique covers the all possible statement codes.

3.Branch Coverage testing.
This technique is used to check the path of application.

4.Loop testing.

This technique is used to check loop lof application.

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