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Security Testing

 Security Testing


Security Testing is comes under advance level Testing. Its comes under black box Testing but advance level testing. 

Security Testing is the testing where application provides access as per role of user so testing the access of application.

Security testing is mostly done for banking system.This is complexed types of testing advance level. 


Security testing is to provide the application access to users and check the user is valid or user having access of application or not.

In this tutorial we see the types of security testing .

Types of Security Testing 

Types of Security Testing
Types of Security Testing


Authorization is the type of security testing in this testing testers check or validate user is authorised or not for the application.

Example -(login )In following 4 case TE will test the authorization testing. 


2.Access Control Security Testing

Access control security testing is the precondition for authorised user. In this testing testing test or perform access control and test engineer will check this user or that specific user have the permission to perform specific task.

The permission table in database for permission and access permission for users are available.

Read permission, write permission, access permission are mostly verify in this testing.


Encryption is a types of security testing where it is done by backend developers called (sql developer/DBA(data base admin).

In this testing type testing the password or important data will be store in Encrypted format for security purpose.

This type of security testing is done by DBA/developer /SQL developer.

Example :-password 1234     +5    6789

                                  ABCD     +2


Here above example we see that password store in the encrypted format 


Decryption is a types of security testing where it is done by backend developers called (sql developer/DBA(database admin)).

In this testing type testing the converting Encrypted data to plain text for security  purpose is called Decryption.

This type of security testing is done by DBA/developer /SQL developer.

Decryption example

Advantages of Security Testing

1.Prevent from financial issues

Security testing protect the application from the cyber attack the prevent the financial issues 

2.Build the customer trust

Providing necessary security to the application and implementing the securities and commit to the users to safe and protect the data this can build the trust with the product/application.

3.Protection data

There are various important and confidential important data are store in database so here major role of security testing is it protect our confidential data and all sensitive information.


Security testing alert when system faces any issue/risk its alert the system.security testing having ability to mitigation risks.

5.Standard requirements

Some company having their specific regulations related to information security so here security testing help industries to fulfill the requirements.

Disadvantages of security testing


Cost of maintain security standards is high

2.Complex system organization

It is very difficult to manage the security of large and complex as well as  interconnecting systems.

3.Time and experts

To maintain the Security testing required the more time and experts who having knowledge of security testing and skills.


In complex system handling it is very difficult task to achieve the 100% coverage.

Features of Security Testing

1.Protecting data.

2.For security testing providing a input validation testing.

3.Security testing having encryption testing feature which store the data in encrypted format.

4.In security testing having one other feature we called it penetration testing which protect from the cyber attacks and hacking.

5.Security testing having a authentication and authorization testing feature where authentication maintain the login and password policies and authorization provide the access to users.

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This  software testing tutorial is specially  for beginners and professionals and students and who want to learn testing from basic.


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