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What is java? Different java applications, Advantages & Disadvantages

 Java Tutorial



In today's IT  world it is very important to learn java so in this tutorial we see what is java types of java application java basic program advantages and disadvantages of java also we see why we use java so this tutorial is special made for dear students and who want learn java so lets be again. Java is most popular programming language which is own by oracle.

What is Java?

Java is high level, and object oriented with secure programming language .now a days java is very popular and very important to learn.

Java is also known as object oriented programming language which understand the binary values. In java compiler write a code in compiler which then convert that into machine language and then we get an output.

Java is used to develop mobile applications, games application ,web application etc.java is secure programming language and most recent powerful language .In current world wide market it is very important.java is fast, secure and open sources.

Java run on following different platforms 



3.Windows etc.

History of java

Here is very important points related to java history we should know

1.In very first time there was name of java is 'Oak'. 

2.After that change the name in 1995 called it 'Java' 

3.Java is object oriented programming language which is developed by James Gosling at sun microsystems in 1995  

4. James gosling is creator of the java.

5.In 2009 oracle take ownership.

Java used in following different Applications

Java world is so big so java is used in various applications and used in different domains because its very popular language so we see some of them popular applications.

1.Web Applications

Java is used in web application like IRCTC, Amazon etc. Java provides different features for web development that help to developed the web applications.  

2.Mobile Applications

Java is to developed mobile applications specially for android applications the most popular java based mobile applications are like Uber, Netflix etc Java provides different features for web development that help to developed the web application

3.Desktop Applications

Java provide different features to developed the desktop applications example like media player java provides libraries and framework to develop the desktop applications.

4.Gamming Applications

Java used in gaming application to developed the game on desktop and mobile platforms  

Also java used in server side technologies like JBoss, Apache also used in big data analytics.

Advantages of Java

1.Easy to use 

java is very simple programming language and it is easy to use and easy to capture.

2.Secured  and safe 

java provides security it is an developed the secure applications also certain common programming bugs are prevented by compiler.

3.Platform independent 

java having ability to move easily from one computer system to another means write a code once and it run on any computing platform.

4.Object oriented 

Java is object oriented language and its based on oops concept.

5.Open source and free 

java is open source and it is free to use to everyone.

Disadvantages of Java


java programming is costly due to its high memory requirement.


 java performance slower than c and c ++ because java need to interpreted during its runtime.


java required more memory hens it run on JVM (java virtual machine)

4.complex code 

java code is complex an also complex sentences that are very hard to reuse 

Following are the Java Versions Still Date

Here we see all java version along with its release dates.

Java Version and Release Dates   


1)   JDK 1.0

✅23th January ,1996  release dates

2) JDK 1.1

19th Feb,1996 release dates

3) J2SE 1.2

8th Dec,1998 release dates

4) J2SE 1.3

✅ 8th May,2000 release dates

5) J2SE 1.4

✅ 6th Feb,2002 release dates

6) J2SE 5.0

✅ 30th Sep,2004 release dates

7) Java SE 6

✅ 11th Dec,2006 release dates

8) Java SE 7

✅ 28th July,2011 release dates

9) Java SE 8

✅ 18th Mar,2014 
release dates

10) Java SE 9

✅ 21th Sep,2017 
release dates

11) Java SE 10

✅ 20th  Mar,2018 so on there are many version now we see .

Latest version of Java from 2022 to 2023

1) Java SE 18
✅ 22th March,2022 release dates.

2) Java SE 19
✅ 20th Sept,2022 
release dates.

3) Java SE 20
✅ 21th March,2023 release dates.

4) Java SE 21
✅ 19th Sep,2023 release dates.

5) Java SE 22
✅Java22 has be release in March 2024.

So here we can say that  Java SE 21 is latest version of java.

Following are the Features of java 

1.The most important java feature is at one time written code can executed on any computing platform.

2.Java provides security it is an developed the secure applications also certain common programming bugs are prevented by compiler.

3.Java is simple programming language and it based on oops concept.

4.Java is multithreaded programming language.

6.Another most important feature of java is it is free source and everyone can use it.

Latest Interview Ask Questions

1.Latest version of java
Java SE 21
19th Sep,2023 release dates

2.Who Developed java?
Java is developed by James Gosling at sun microsystems in 1995  

3.What is java
Java is object oriented programming language

4.Which are the java application?
→Web application,Mobile application,Dekstop application,Gaming application

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