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What is software?types and examples


"Software is  the collection or set of  programs that help us to perform a different or specified task".


In the today's world, we all users are far away with modern software. software have surrounded us to make our lives better. Therefore knowledge of different software to lead our day-to-day activities efficiently and more easy.

With  the time, people are becoming more fast, and that's why the need for high-technologies and software support is constantly changing and increasing with the growing needs and demands of people. 

Today in the software world , there are various types of software, which can be very useful for all users, even those who don't have the knowledge of  software. Software has such a powerful impact on our day to day activities so that's why the important things' is that we know the "what is software? "and "what are the different types of software?"

So in this tutorial we see  what is software? "and "what are the different types of software?"

What is Software?

"Software is  the collection or set of  programs that help us to perform a different or specified task".

Software is responsible for run all computer-related devices and order them to what to do  and how to do  the task. Software is operating information which makes our daily life and work easy. 

However, the software is made up of binary language (contains ones and zeros), and  the these software which are running on the computer is in the form of binary code.

That is 1 and 0 the programmer writing the binary code would be a slow and difficult task. Therefore, software programmers write the software program in various languages such as JAVA, Python, C,C++ etc. 

Now we see different types of software,

Types of Software

Software's are mainly classified into three types:-

 1.System Software 

 2.Application Software

 3. Programming software

 1.System Software 

System software is type software that manages and also controls the operations and resources of computer system and it provide platform for run the application software and manage interaction  between them.

System software is software designed to provide a platform to perform a task to other software. System software is a computer program that helps the user to run computer hardware or software and manages the interaction between them.

In other way system software is the collection of programs and software different components that make possible to computer device to work properly basically it is acts as mediator between user and computer hardware.

System software is computer software designed to operate the computer hardware to provide basic functionality and to provide a platform for running application software. 

Examples :-Operating system (OS) ,macOS, Linux, Android and Microsoft Windows.

Following are the four types of system software:-

1) Utility system software

Utility is type of system software where it work for provide support in research,to optimization and also provide configuring along with maintaining computer.main purpose of utility software is to provide support to all system infrastructure.utility software are like directory Opus,WinRAR,Windows file explorer etc.


1.Directory Opus


3.Windows file explorer

4.System cleanup utilities

2) Firmware

Firmware is type of system software it is basically low level software that embedded in hardware devices and that controls the functionality of application and provide the basics operations.

Important point is that firmware store in non volatile memory such as ROM i.e. read only memory or flash memory so it is responsible for drive and introduce hardware components.


1.BIOS(Basic input/output) system:-This firmware software is found in personal computers it provides system configuration.

2.firmware for smart home devices:-smart TVs, smart speakers, security cameras etc


3.UEFI(United extensible firmware interface) etc.

3) Operating system

Operating system is type of system software operating system is a system software that can manage the computer hardware and software resources.it main purpose is to provide a user interface, file system and memory management there are lot of operating system are available in market like mobile internet,microsoft windows,linux,unix etc.





4.Microsoft Windows


6.Apple"s iOS

4)Device Driver

Device driver is type of system software and it is used to control the hardware devices in device driver it basically provide the software interface for hardware to communication.


1.Sound cards

2.Network cards

3.USB driver

4.ROM driver etc.

5) Programming language Software

Programming language software is type of system software where it can be used to write the code, debug the code and also used to test computer programs by developers.



2.IDEs (integrated development environment)

 2.Application Software

 Application software is most common type of software which is mostly used. Application software is a computer software package that perform a specific function for a user or in some case, for another application.

Application  software  A program or group of programs designed for end user. Allows end users to accomplish one or more specific (non-computer related) tasks. The application software can either be designed for a general-purpose or specially coded as per the requirements of business cooperation.

Examples of Computer Application Software

1. Word processor

2. Spreadsheet 

3. Presentation Software

4. Database Management System  

5. Graphic Edit or image editing software

6. Web Browser

1.Word Processor

 Word processor is a software program which capable of creating, storing, and printing documents. there are different 

Features  like  Insert text ,Delete text , Cut and paste , Copy , Page size and margins,
Search and replace , Print.


Spreadsheet is basically an data file which made of rows and columns that are used to sorting of data and allow a to user to manipulate and also arrange that data easily, most commonly numerical data there are different.

Features like Cells formatting, Cells margin,cut,copy,paste etc.

3.Presentation Software

Presentation Software use presentation program is a software program that helps create a slideshow that addresses a topics.

 Presentation programs are mostly used in businesses and schools for discussing a topic or for presentation.

Features like Insert Slide ,Delete of Inserted slides ,Allows cut and paste slides in any order, Allows duplication content or slide,etc.

4.Database Management System (DBMS) Software

Database Management System (DBMS) Software a program that controls the organization, storage, management, and retrieval/fetch of data in a database. also accept changes as per inputs .by using this software users can create tables, write a queries, forms,reports.

Examples-oracle database,SQL server,MYSQL,etc.

5.Graphics software or image editing software 

Graphics software or image editor software is a program
Is a program or it basically collection of programs that available to  a person to handle visual images on a computer.

 Example - Adobe photoshop,photo editor etc.

6. Web Browser

Web browser is basically an application software used for accessing/monitoring websites. when we send any question query through by using the different web browsers we get output is on our desktop.

web browser is a application and it is software used for accessing the information on the overall  world wide web.

Examples-Firefox,opera,google chrome,safari,internet explorer etc.

Other Application Software's are following

1.Mobile applications.

Mobile application software is type of application software in which design computer program which on mobile devices like our smartphones.

These type of application provides/used for various functions like social media activities, bank related activities, shopping etc. Mobile application software provides various functionality and services.

2.Desktop applications.

Desktop applications is type of application software. Desktop application contains computer program that run on desktop on desktop application user can just install the application and use the it on her laptop/PC directly.

To design/create the desktop application developers used different programing languages like C#, C++,PYTHON,JAVA etc.




3.Video Editing

4.Adop Photoshop etc.

3.Programming software

By using programming software we can write a code/logics. Programming software include tools in the form of programs or applications that software developers use to create, debug, maintain, or otherwise support other programs and applications.

Examples- compilers, debuggers, interpreters

FAQs (frequently asked questions) for software tutorial

Software is  the collection or set of  programs that help us to perform a different or specified task.

1.System Software 

     2.Application Software-computer application software, mobile application   
 software, desktop application software         
    3. Programming software.

1.Operating system software.
     2.Firmware system software.
     3.Device Driver system software.
     4.Utility system software.

System software is a computer program that helps the user to run computer hardware or software and manages the interaction between them.

Programming software include tools in the form of programs or applications that software developers use to create, debug, maintain, or otherwise support other programs and applications.

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