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What is Verification and Validation testing

 Verification Testing 

This tutorial is all about the verification and validation testing.In software testing every testing has there own importance so here verification and validation is also important point to understand before we go into the testing.

So in this tutorial we see detail information about the verification and validation testing.

Verification  testing

Verification Testing
 Verification Testing

Verification is the type of testing and in verification testing checks that software meets specified requirements or not.

Verification is the process of checking that a software achieve its goal without any bugs.it is the process  ensure whether the product that is developed is right or not.

It verifies whether the developed product fulfill the requirement that we actually have.we develop product as per requirement or not.

Verification is comes under static testing were all are review his own documents.Verification means are we build right product?

Before developing the software done static analysis were SRS analysis is done BA is going to check his own documents he check all functionality  should we taken or not.

Design team lead review his design documents were he check HLD and LLD documents and developer done here code review were he check his code again and again.

Verification is static analysis were verifying documents design and code/program. It is human based checking of documents and files.

Verification process use methods like inspection,review walkthrough ,desk checking.

Verification aims to verify the correctness of the application.

Following are the some points/terms check during the verification testing


In the requirement verification process verifying the each and every requirement before coding.

Before coding developer clear the requirement understand the client expectations.


In design verification design team verify his documents where HLD and LLD designs are verifies to ensure that the design is as per requirements or not.

3.Unit testing

Unit testing also called component testing and it is a part of verification testing here unit testing is done and check the or verify the application function work correctly as produce expected result.

4.Code inspection

Developer verifies the code find out the error before send the build to tester.

5.Static testing

Static testing is comes under the verification testing were all document verification,code inspection,design verification is done.

Validations Testing

Validation Testing
 Validation Testing

Validation is the process of checking whether the software product is up to the mark or in other words product has high level requirements.

It is the process of checking the Validation of product its checks what we are developing is the right product or not.

Validation is comes under dynamic testing where Validate the expected result is matches with actual result or not.

Validation is a dynamic mechanism of Validation and testing the actual product after completion of Verification. Its always involves executing the code.

Validation process is computer based execution of program.where checking and testing the develop product. 

Validation process tester use the method to check or Validate are we build or developer right product for that use methods like black box(functional testing),gray box testing  etc. 

 Validation testing is testing where tester performed functional and non-functional testing. Here functional testing  and System Testing (ST), and non-functional testing includes User acceptance testing (UAT).

Validation testing is comes under the Black box testing under the black box testing following testing are covered

Usability Testing

1.look and feel.
2.Easy to use.
3.Speed of processing

Functionality Testing

Functional Testing

1.Behavioral testing
2.Input domain testing
3.Error handling testing
4.Back end database testing
5.Service level testing
6.Calculation based testing

Non-Functional Testing

1.Recovery testing
2.Compatibility testing
3.Configuration testing
4.Installation testing
5.Intersystem testing
6.Sanitation testing
7.Parallel testing
8.Globalization testing

Important Questions Related To Interview/Exam

1.What is unit testing
→ Unit testing is also called component testing and it is a part of verification testing.Unit testing means to testing the each unit of application.

2.On which testing verification comes?
  →  verification testing comes under the white box testing.

3.On which testing validation comes?
  →  validation testing comes under the black box testing.

4.Static testing comes under the?
→  Static testing comes under the verification.

5.Dynamic testing comes under the?
→  dynamic testing comes under the validation.

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This  software testing tutorial is specially  for beginners and professionals and students and who want to learn testing from basic.


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