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Agile Model

Agile Model/Agile Methodology 

                                      Agile Model/Agile Methodology 


In this tutorial we see Agile model. agile model is mostly use in now a days for software development propose due to its some advantages and we see the hold process and advantages of the agile model in this tutorial.

Agile is a software developments approach where a self sufficient and cross functional team works on making continues delivers through iteration and evolved throughout the process by gathering feedback from the end users.

Agile model provide sprint wise delivery to customers.also this model is flexible but costly than other models.

Agile model is follow an iterative and   Incremental approach.

Iterative- iterative means follow same requirement again and again. 

Incremental-we are implement some features at be gaining in the software and then we are keep on adding or new modules or new features.

  Agile Flow

Principle of Agile model 

1.In agile model customer no need to wait for long time for product delivery.

2.Agile  process team develop,test and release a piece of software to the customer with few number of features. 

3.In agile process change in requirement is  accept.

4.Agile process continues delivery to customer. 

5.Agile is a flexible modules.

6.In agile process there is good  communication between customer, BA,developer,  testers so they work together towards one goal.

7.By following  agile process company provide good quality of product to customer.      

8.In agile process requirement divided in small small part and provide continuous delivery to customer.

9.In agile process delivery to customer is so fast because in just 2-3 days delivery a piece of software to the customer. 

Architecture /flow of agile


2.PO (Product owner).

3.Product Backlog.

4.Sprint Backlog.


6.Test cases.

7.Test execution.

Meetings in agile/Ceremonies in agile/events in agile

1.Sprint planning meeting

In sprint planning meeting involvements of scrum master,scrum team,product owner.Meeting is conducted once per sprint .The duration of this meeting is 2 to 4 hours.

Agenda of this meeting

In this meeting planning of sprint is happen like how many requirement taken for the current sprint here po(product owner) explain the user stories.

2.Scrum meeting/Daily standup meeting

In scrum meeting involvements of scrum master,scrum team,product owner.Meeting is conducted daily bases .The duration of this meeting is 30 to 45 minutes approximately.

Agenda of this meeting

In this meeting scrum team all member give there work status like what they have done in yesterday?,what they are doing today?,If any issue is facing the team that also discuss.

3.Sprint Review meeting

In sprint review meeting involvements of scrum master,scrum team,product owner and stakeholder.Meeting is conducted once per sprint.The duration of this meeting is 2 to 4 hours.

Agenda of this meeting

In this meeting stakeholder is involved and he is going to review the work where tester demonstrate the work.Here if any changes are there then feedback is given to us.

4.Retrospective meeting/Improvement meeting

In retrospective meeting/Improvement meeting sprint planning meeting involvements of scrum master,scrum team.Meeting is conducted once per sprint The duration of this meeting is 2 to 4 hours.

Agenda of this meeting

In retrospective meeting/Improvement meeting is conducted after we sprint review meeting what we  get a feedback we are discuss in this meeting for feature improvements so there similar kind of mistakes not happen in upcoming sprint.

Actors in Agile  or Scrum Team members

1.Product owner  i .e BA.

2.Scrum Master.

3.Developer Team.(all people).

4.QA Team (Tester all people).

This all are scrum team.

1. Product owner  i .e BA 

In agile model or process product owner is play and important role. Product owner is define a features of the product and also as per the features of product product owner priorities according to the market value.

Product owner define product features. Detail describe the requirement of software to be develop.

2.Scrum Master 

In agile process/model Scrum master is specific role and it is not be log to any team.he is the driven process.Scrum master is not a owner of the process but he only take care the process.

Scrum master knows the each and every activity in agile process.basically Scrum master is how work is going on.Scrum master knows the how the drive the process.

Scrum master make sure all team members work on time and follow Agile process properly or not.Also any one not aware from agile process Scrum master aware them.

Scrum master is chair person of this particular meeting.scrum master is going to keep track of schedule and plan of sprint most of the meeting conduct by scrum master.

3.Developer Team (all people)

In agile process developer and testers are Scrum real they all are work together to achieve one goal. Developer coding the software as per requirement and priority after coding developer team send developed product to Testing team to check or to find correctness of product.

4.QA Team (Tester all people)

In agile process QA team is doing his work were team confirm or find out bug frm developed software and check the software to be developed is as per customer expectations or not. Team find out the variances between actual result and expected result. 

Types/framework of Agile model

1.Scrum framework.



4.FDD (future driven development iteration).


6.DSDM ( Dynamic system develop process).

All are above framework are used in Agile model mostly used scrum framework.

Scrum is framework which will help us to develop and test the software in agile processing. Scrum is a framework through which we build software product by following principal.

Scrum include group of people called scrum team.

Agile most important point is sprint 

1.Sprint is a set of period of time during which  specific work has to be completed.

2.Sprint is the part of scrum framework 

3.The duration of sprint is determined by the scrum master.

4.During the sprint the team holds daily stand up meeting to discuss progress of         the  project.

5.At the end of the sprint the team present the completed work to the project owner.

Which Role and responsibilities of Testers in Agile 

1.Requirement analysis (SRS).

2.Creating/identifying test scenarios.

3.Test case design.

4.Creating test data (input data for Testing).


5.Test case executions.

6.Defect logging and tracking .

7.Traceability matrix.

8.Client interaction/demo.

see in detail Roles and Responsibilities Of Software Tester: Agile, Requirement analysis,test scenario,test case,test data

Advantages of Agile Methodologies /Model

1.Quality can be ensured because each and every sprint will tested multiple times.

2.The requirement changes can be accepted at any level of the project maintenance.

3.All are participate in scrum meeting so that transparency can be maintain.

4.Each and every sprint we are delivery to client so we can maintain the customer satisfaction.

Disadvantages of Agile Methodologies/Model

1.There is lack of technical skill.

2.In agile there is less documentation because team focus on delivery.

3.There is lack of communication.

4.In agile Methodologies lack of proper planning. 


This  software testing tutorial is specially  for beginners and professionals and students and who want to learn testing from basic.


Please drop your comment and send me your valuable response.

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